Monday, April 29, 2019
By Betty Kingery
Add Curb Appeal & Character to Your Home! - Pave a Prettier Path

Pave a Prettier Path

By: Hadley Mendelsohn

Driveways are not exactly known for their good looks: Concrete ones love oil stains, and gravel can be impossible to keep smooth. But one material is pushing hte whole concept forward: permeable tile pavers, the next level up in parking design. It's a drivable surface with stormwater drainage and, best of all, grassy green looks. Find out how they can drive up your home's curb appeal with out tips.

1. Choose a spot.

Permeable pavers can gauard against flood damage by allowing rainwaterto infiltrate the ground, says landscape designer Douglas clark. Think about putting them whereever water tends to collect.

2. Dig for drainage.

To install, you need to add a base layer of compactable gravel underneath. "You can't just put them on top of the mud," says Newe York - based landscap architect Edmund D. Hollander.

3. Plant roots.

Instead of sprinkling on grass seeds, Hollander suggests planting cut - to - fit sod between the joints in your pavers: "Sod will establish more quickly and prevent any weeds from taking root." he explains. 

You not only can use the beautiful pavers for the driveway but make a patio terrace or walkway!



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